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The Mesoarchean Kola-Karelia continent in the eastern Fennoscandian Shield includes three tectonic provinces, Kola, Karelia and Belomoria, that were formed by the Paleoarchean and Mesoarchean microcontinents.

Traces of Mesoarchean tonalite-trondhjemite-granodiorite (TTG)-type early crust were documented in all of the most ancient units of the Kola-Karelia continent. Ancient crust was revealed and dated in the Ranua and Iisalmi microcontinents, 3.5–3.4 Ga; Vodlozero and Khetolambina microcontinents, 3.25–3.15 Ga; Kuhmo-Segozero microcontinent, ~3.0 Ga; Murmansk and Inari-Kola microcontinents, 2.93 Ga; and Kianta microcontinent, 2.83–2.81 Ga. In the older (>3.0 Ga) tectonic units and microcontinents, the ancient crust was possibly formed in brief bursts of...

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