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Palynological studies of the late Maastrichtian infratrappean and intertrappean sedimentary beds from various stratigraphic levels in the Deccan continental flood basalt of the Nand-Dongargaon Basin in central India show that infratrappean sediments (Maastrichtian C30n-C29r) are characterized by gymnosperm (Araucariacites, Classopollis, Cycadopites, Podocarpidites) and angiosperm (Cretacaeiporites, Compositoipollenites, Graminidites, Longapertites, Palmaepollenites) palynomorphs. A distinct floral turnover is observed in intertrappean sediments with the initiation of volcanic activity in the basin. At the lowest stratigraphic level, the earliest floral change is recorded by the appearance of angiosperm-pteridophyte–dominated association (Aquilapollenites, Azolla...

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