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The Tlikakila complex is a northeast-striking ∼5-km-wide and ∼75-km-long belt of lower greenschist-facies sedimentary and igneous rocks in the Lake Clark region of south-central Alaska. It forms the only exposures of pre-Cretaceous rocks between the Peninsular terrane and the Farewell terrane. Protoliths include basalt, gabbro, ultramafic rocks, limestone, chert, mudstone, chertpebble conglomerate, and minor quartz sandstone. Geochemical analyses of igneous rocks indicate primitive island arc compositions. Rare earth element (REE) patterns of the volcanic rocks and gabbro are flat with most elements between 5 and 15 times chondrite values. Initial 87Sr/86Sr isotope ratios range from 0.7042 to...

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