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The study of α-quartz and α-cristobalite ballen in rocks from 16 impact structures (Bosumtwi, Chesapeake Bay, Chicxulub, Dellen, El'gygytgyn, Jänisjärvi, Lappajärvi, Logoisk, Mien, Popigai, Puchezh-Katunki, Ries, Rochechouart, Sääksjärvi, Ternovka, and Wanapitei) shows that ballen silica occurs mainly in impact melt rock and also in suevite, and more rarely in other types of impactites. Ballen α-cristobalite by itself was observed only in samples from the youngest craters studied here (at Bosumtwi and El'gygytgyn), but it occurs in association with α-quartz ballen in impactites from structures with intermediate ages (from ca. 35 to 120 Ma); thus, our observations suggest that α-cristobalite ballen...

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