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The tectonics and paleogeography of Ordovician rocks in China record the four major paleoplates—the South China, North China, Tarim, and Xizang (Tibet) Blocks. New paleogeographic maps of South China for the Tremadocian, Darriwilian, Sandbian–early Katian, and late Katian–Hirnatian time intervals display lithofacies and biofacies belts that depict continuous changes from the Yangtze Platform through the Chiangnan (Jiangnan) Slope to the Zhujiang Basin. North China was dominantly a carbonate platform during the Ordovician. Facies belts, particularly the trilobite biofacies belts, change westward from the platform edge to the slope along the west margin of the platform. In Tarim, Ordovician rocks provide...

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