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This article describes an Early Cretaceous Jasra alkaline-mafic-ultramafic igneous complex related to the Kerguelen hotspot–mantle plume system of the Indian Ocean. This complex, emplaced in the Shillong plateau, consists mainly of pyroxenite, gabbro, and nepheline syenite and is closely associated with the Barapani-Tyrsad shear zone, Kopali faults, and Um Ngot Lineaments. Pyroxenite and gabbro occur as separate plutons, whereas nepheline syenites occur either in the form of small dikes in pyroxenites or as differentiated bodies in the gabbros. A few mafic dikes, contemporaneous with gabbro, cut pyroxenite and granite bodies. Mineral compositions classify the pyroxenites into pyroxenite and alkali pyroxenite...

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