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The Piaxtla Suite of the Acatlán Complex (southern México) has previously been considered a vestige of the Iapetus Ocean that underwent eclogite-facies metamorphism during Late Ordovician subduction and exhumation. Study of granitoid, mafic, and metasedimentary rocks of the Asis Lithodeme of the Piaxtla Suite reveals a complex tectonothermal history involving: (1) eclogite-facies syntectonic metamorphism preserved as aligned omphacite in mafic lenses dated at 346 ± 3 Ma (concordant U-Pb zircon age), which is inferred to result from subduction; (2) polyphase deformation involving WSW-ENE tectonic transport under amphibolite-facies conditions accompanied by migmatization due to decompression melting dated at ca. 347–330 Ma...

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