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The Early Silurian–Early Devonian Arisaig Group, in the Avalon terrane of Nova Scotia, consists of a thick (∼1900 m) sequence of unmetamorphosed fossiliferous siliciclastic strata that unconformably overlies the 460 Ma bimodal Dunn Point Formation volcanic rocks and is unconformably overlain by basalts and red clastic rocks of the McArras Brook Formation. The Dunn Point volcanic rocks were deposited when Avalonia was a microcontinent, in a New Zealand–type arc setting ∼1800 km north of Gondwana and 1700–2000 km south of Laurentia. Geochemical, Sm-Nd, and U-Pb (detrital zircon) isotopic data of all Arisaig Group strata show fundamental differences from the underlying...

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