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The innermost domain of the autochthon of the Iberian Massif (Central Iberian Zone) consists of Upper Proterozoic–Lower Cambrian metasedimentary rocks and Early Paleozoic augen gneisses. The former were intruded by mafic magmas as small bodies that later became amphibolites under Variscan metamorphism, gabbro-diabasic textures being sometimes well preserved. Three main groups of amphibolites can be established: (A) the light rare earth element (LREE)-depleted group, characterized by an extremely low rare earth element (REE) fractionation factor [(La/Lu)CN = 0.27–0.34] and low Ti content; (B) the flat REE pattern group, characterized by a small REE fractionation factor [(La/Lu)CN small REE...

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