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Ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) metamorphic terranes in contractional orogens reflect descent of continental crust bonded to a dense, dominantly oceanic plate to depths of 90–140 km. All recognized well-documented UHP complexes formed during Phanerozoic time. Rocks are intensely retrogressed to low-pressure assemblages, with rare relict UHP phases retained in tough, refractory host minerals. Resurrected UHP slabs consist chiefly of quartzofeldspathic rocks and serpentinites; dense mafic + ultramafic lithologies comprise <10% of exhumed masses. Associated garnet-bearing ultramafic lenses are of four general origins: type A peridotite + eclogite pods reflect premetamorphic residence in the mantle wedge; type B masses were mantle-derived ultramafic-mafic magmas...

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