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The Hellenic orogen is a composite one, consisting of three orogenic belts: (1) the Cimmerian internal belt, created in pre–late Jurassic times as a result of the collision of northward-drifted Cimmerian continental fragments with Eurasia, (2) the Alpine orogenic belt, created in Cretaceous–Tertiary times after the Neo-Tethyan subduction beneath the Cimmeria-Eurasia plate and the collision of the Apulian microplate with this composite Cimmeria-Eurasia plate, and (3) the Mesogean orogenic belt along the External Hellenic arc, which resulted from the underplating of the Mesogea-Africa plate beneath the Alpine-Cimmeria-Eurasia plate in Miocene–Pliocene times and the exhumation of the Cretan–southern Peloponnesus tectonic windows....

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