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The Bear Peak intrusive complex is a Late Jurassic (ca. 144 Ma) composite plutonic suite that ranges in composition from ultramafic to silicic. Clinopyroxene- and hornblende-rich ultramafic cumulate rocks form an intrusion breccia that is complexly intruded by multiple generations of crosscutting gabbroic to dioritic dikes. The bulk of the intrusive complex consists of mappable gabbroic to quartz dioritic to tonalitic/granodioritic units.

The Bear Peak intrusive complex was emplaced into rocks of the Rattlesnake Creek terrane, producing a dynamothermal contact aureole. Contact metamorphism was chiefly at hornblende-hornfels-facies conditions and grades into regional greenschist-facies metamorphism. Andalusite, cordierite, and chloritoid form small...

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