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The Archean Zimbabwe Craton in northeastern Zimbabwe is bounded along its northern margin by the east-trending Zambezi belt, which has been subdivided from south to north into the Archean Migmatitic Gneiss Terrain, overlain by Proterozoic gneiss units of the Marginal Gneiss Terrain and the Allochthonous Gneiss Terrain. The transition from the Zimbabwe Craton into the Migmatitic Gneiss Terrain occurs over a 10–15-km-wide zone across which the metamorphic grade increases from 3 to 4 Kbar and 500 °C in the northern part of the craton, to 6–7 Kbar and 700 °C in the Migmatitic Gneiss Terrain. This P-T (Pressure-Temperature) gradient was...

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