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The Haiyangsuo area of the NE Sulu ultrahigh-pressure terrane, eastern China, consists of gneisses with minor granulite and amphibolite layers, metagabbros, and granitic dikes. The peak-stage assemblages of the granulites (garnet + orthopyroxene + clinopyroxene + plagioclase ± pargasite ± biotite ± quartz) formed at >750 °C and 9–11 kbar and were overprinted by amphibolite-facies phases characterized by well-developed corona layers of | garnet | amphibolite + quartz | at contacts between plagioclase and clinopyroxene or orthopyroxene, as well as by the exsolution of (orthopyroxene + ilmenite + amphibole) from clinopyroxene. These textures indicate a near-isobaric cooling history of the...

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