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There are three sutures in the Qinling-Dabie-Sulu orogen in the Tongbai–Xinxian (northern Hong'an)–northern Dabie area: the Silurian Sino-Korean craton–Erlangping intra-oceanic arc suture, the Silurian Erlangping arc–Qinling unit (microcontinent) suture, and the Early Triassic Qinling unit–Yangtze craton suture. We resolve the controversy regarding the age of the Sino-Korean craton–Yangtze craton collision by recognizing that there was Paleozoic collision between the Qinling unit and the Sino-Korean craton and Mesozoic collision between the Qinling unit and the Yangtze craton. The Qinling unit constitutes a long and narrow microcontinent that extends through the Qinling-Dabie area and probably into the Sulu area. Its common characteristics...

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