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New U-Pb sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe (SHRIMP) dating of zircon from the ultrahigh-pressure Sulu terrane, eastern China, records three events in the evolution of the orogen. Peak ultrahigh-pressure and retrograde metamorphism in the Middle to Late Triassic (ca. 230–200 Ma) is recorded in zircon mantles and rims; cathodoluminescence imaging, grain morphology, and U-Th-Pb and rare earth element chemistry cannot distinguish between ultrahigh-pressure and retrograde zircon growth. Comparison of high-temperature thermochronology for the Sulu and Dabie–Hong'an areas suggests that peak ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism in Sulu took place at ca. 230 Ma, postdating Dabie–Hong'an by 10 m.y.; this age disparity has implications for...

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