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Late Yanshanian magmatism in SE China includes three stages of thermal event induced by the interaction between the continental margin of Eurasia and the paleo-Pacific plate during the Cretaceous period. Products of syn-orogenic magmatism (130–110 Ma) include high-Al gabbros (HAG), and gneissic tonalite, trondhjemite and granodiorite (TTG), which intruded into the deep basement (18–24 km). Rocks of the post- and an-orogenic magmatism are shallow-level (6–8 km) I-type granitoids (110–99 Ma), and miarolitic A-type granites plus rhyolite-dominate bimodal volcanics (94–81 Ma), respectively. Geochemically, HAG and TTG belong to the medium-K calc-alkaline affinity with high Sr/Y, whereas other granitoids are mainly high-K...

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