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The Tinaquillo complex in north central Venezuela is a subhorizontal, 3-km-thick sheet consisting mostly of mylonitized harzburgitic peridotite. Along a thrust contact it overlies low-grade meta-sedimentary rocks of the Cordillera de la Costa belt. The Tinaquillo complex underlies high-grade metamorphic rocks of the Caucagua–El Tinaco belt. Based on olivine and orthopyroxene microstructures and paleothermometry, two distinct phases of deformation have been identified that occurred at different depths: coarse-grained porphyroclasts may have formed at ∼80 km depth in the asthenosphere, while fine-grained crystals (neoblasts) formed during mylonitization at ∼25–30 km depth. Gabbro sills in the complex have trace-element abundances indicating a...

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