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The Lebowa Granite Suite of the Bushveld Complex is a large, 2054 Ma old, A-type batholith, characterised by numerous relatively small magmato-hydrothermal, polymetallic ore deposits. The mineralisation is represented by a three-stage paragenetic sequence: early magmatic Sn-W-Mo-F ores (600 °C > T > 400°C), followed by a Cu–Pb–Zn–As–Ag-Au paragenesis (400 °C > T > 200°C) and then late-stage Fe–F–U mineralisation (< 200°C). The first stage of mineralisation (typified by the endogranitic Zaaiplaats tin deposit) is related to incompatible trace element concentration during crystal fractionation and subsequent fluid saturation of the magma. Evolution of the late magmatic fluids as they were...

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