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A new tectonic map of the southern and central Appalachians incorporates modern field and structural-stratigraphic, geochronologic (mostly sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe–reverse geometry, SHRIMP–RG, and Sm-Nd), geochemical, and geophysical data to identify crustal boundaries and blocks. Major tectonic units include the ∼735 Ma Laurentian failed rift, ∼565 Ma rifted margin sedimentary-volcanic assemblage deposited on Grenvillian and pre-Grenvillian crust, the Laurentian platform, and a series of distal Laurentian terranes (Cowrock, Cartoogechaye, Tugaloo-Chopawamsic-Potomac) accreted to Laurentia during the Taconian (Ordovician) or Neoacadian (Late Devonian–early Mississippian) orogenies. The Dahlonega gold belt consists of more proximal metasandstone and pelitic schist; it also contains Ordovician arc...

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