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New δ15N analyses combined with a literature compilation reveal that shale kerogen, VMS-micas, and late-metamorphic vein micas show a secular trend from enriched values in the Archean, through intermediate values in Proterozoic terranes, to the Phanerozoic mode of 3‰–4‰. Kerogen in metashales from the 2.7 Ga Sandur Greenstone Belt, eastern Dharwar Craton, India, is characterized by δ15N 13.1‰ ± 1.3‰, and C/N 303 ± 93. A second population has δ15N 3.5‰ ± 0.9‰, and C/N 8 ± 0.4, close to the Redfield ratio of modern microorganisms, and is interpreted as precipitates of Proterozoic or...

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