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Foliated intrusions of the Early Jurassic Aishihik Plutonic Suite (APS), including the Aishihik Batholith, have been included in Stikinia and interpreted as allochthonous with respect to adjacent terranes, including the Nisling and Yukon-Tanana Terranes. The Nisling Terrane was thought to lack Early Jurassic igneous rocks. However, the Aishihik Batholith, a single plutonic body that crystallized at ca. 187 Ma, forms a west-tapering lopolith or sheet-like body that intrudes deformed strata of the Nisling Terrane.

The batholith displays a margin-parallel foliation, defined by primary magmatic grains including feldspar and hornblende, that is considered to be magmatic. A parallel solid-state fabric overprints...

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