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Pumpellyite and prehnite are associated closely with epidosite in two well-exposed sections of the Josephine ophiolite and are interpreted to have formed during hydrothermal metamorphism beneath a spreading axis. In the upper 75 m of the extrusive sequence, epidosite grades upward into “pumpellyosite” (granoblastic pumpellyite + quartz + chlorite ± epidote rock) and, in interpillow hyaloclastite, into “prehnitite” (granoblastic prehnite + quartz + epidote ± chlorite rock). Probable hydrothermal pumpellyite also occurs in the lower hematitic pillow lavas as amygdules that contain pumpellyite + chlorite ± epidote ± chalcopyrite. The second occurrence of pumpellyosite and prehnitite is in the basal...

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