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At Rancho San Marcos, halfway between Tecate and Ensenada in northwestern Baja California, a 1 km by 5 km group of giant olistoliths of Early Ordovician age occurs within phyllite and metasandstone of Mesozoic(?) age. This group of giant olistoliths is underlain by a mélange of olistolith-derived granule to boulder-size fragments in a foliated, phyllitic matrix. Granitic rocks and andesite/dacite dikes of the Cretaceous Peninsular Ranges arc and batholith intrude both autochthonous and allochthonous rocks.

The olistoliths of Ordovician rock are resistant, moderately to well-sorted, blue-gray quartzite; brown, gray, and black, commonly argillaceous, bedded chert; medium to dark gray, finely...

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