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A two-parameter Margules method has been developed for modelling the thermodynamic mixing properties and hypersolidus phase relations of albite-water (ab-w) melts. The method is based largely on phase-equilibrium and calorimetric data that are either currently available or readily obtainable; P-V-T data are not required.

The new modelling method has been applied to calculate: (1) thermodynamic mixing properties for ab-w melts at 2.5 kbar, 815°C; and (2) hypersolidus phase relations for the ab-w system at 2.5 kbar. Results are uniformly positive—activity-composition relations are similar to those predicted by equations based on P-V-T data, excess enthalpies are in good agreement with data obtained from calorimetry, and calculated phase relations are fully compatible with phase-equilibrium data for ab-w melts acquired at 2.5 kbar.

It is concluded that the Margules method for thermodynamic modelling of ab-w melts is a practical alternative to the P-V-T modelling method.

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