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Jurassic quartz-normative tholeiite dikes from Anticosti Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence are generally similar to the low-TiO2, quartz-normative tholeiites (Weigand and Ragland, 1970) of the eastern North American province, but have TiO2 contents intermediate between low- and high-TiO2 types. The Anticosti dikes contain olivine microphenocryst pseudomorphs, sparse plagioclase phenocrysts, groundmass plagioclase laths, ophitic pigeonite and augite, ± interstitial Fe-Ti oxides, ± hornblende, ± biotite, and variable proportions (0%–20%) of interstitial devitrified glass. High K, light rare earth element, and Ba contents suggest some crustal contamination, but the low Zr/Y ratio of plausible model contaminants...

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