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Two new genera and species of plagiomenids (Mammalia, ?Dermoptera, Plagiomenidae) are described from the North American Uintan (middle Eocene) and Chadronian (early Oligocene). A third genus and species, Ekgmowechashala philotau, from the early and middle Arikareean (late Oligocene) of the northern United States, is removed from the primate family Omomyidae and placed in the Plagiomenidae. All three newly recognized plagiomenids are placed in the Ekgmowechashalinae, sister subfamily to the subfamily Plagiomeninae (new rank). Ekgmowechashaline plagiomenids are somewhat primate-like, as is the plagiomenine genus Worlandia, but the Plagiomenidae are usually considered to be allied to the living colugos of southeast Asia,...

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