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Skardu Basin is a northwest-trending intermontane basin along the Indus River in the Karakoram Himalaya Mountains of Pakistan. Seismotectonic domain boundaries in the Karakoram Himalaya commonly cross lithologic and some older structural boundaries. Four major structural-seismotectonic domains exist in the Skardu area: the Himalayan seismic zone, characterized by thrust tectonics; the complex Hindu Kush–Pamir seismic zone; the Skardu quiet zone, characterized by strike-slip, extensional, and rotational tectonics with relatively little seismicity; and the southern edge of Eurasian lithosphere (Tarim–Kun Lun–Tibet) northeast of the Karakoram fault. The Skardu quiet zone is interpreted to be within the Himalayan thrust prism, above an...

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