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North American Paleocene land mammal ages are the Mantuan, Puercan, Torrejonian, Tiffanian, and Clarkforkian. These ages (and associate stages) are subdivided into 16 zones or subzones, varying in duration from 0.1 to 2.9 m.y., defined by widespread species. Although gross evolutionary changes during the first four of these ages are about equal, their durations are very unequal. As defined by magnetostratigraphy and fossil occurrence, the Mantuan is about 0.2 m.y., the Puercan about 1.1 m.y., the Torrejonian about 3.1 m.y., the Tiffanian about 6.1 m.y., and the Paleocene part of the Clarkforkian about 1.3 m.y. in duration. Puercan encompasses normal...

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