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Dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous Fruitland Formation and Kirtland Shale in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, pertain to the following taxa: Ornithomimidae, cf. Ornithomimus edmonticus, cf. Struthiomimus altus, Dromaeosauridae, Albertosaurus sp., cf. Tyrannosaurus rex, Alamosaurus sanjuanensis, ?Pachycephalosauridae, Ankylosauria, Ankylosauridae, Nodosauridae, ?Euoplocephalus sp., ?Panoplosaurus sp., Hadrosauridae, Kritosaurus navajovius, Parasaurolophus tubicen, P. cyrtocristatus, Ceratopsidae, cf. Chasmosaurus sp., Pentaceratops sternbergii, P. fenestratus, and Torosaurus cf. T. utahensis. The dinosaur fauna of the Fruitland Formation is temporally equivalent to the dinosaur faunas of the Judith River (Montana) and Oldman (Alberta) Formations and...

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