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Synthesis of the Ordovician Taconic orogeny in the northern Appalachians has been hindered by along-strike variations in Laurentian, Gondwanan, and arc-generated tectonic elements. The Dashwoods terrane in Newfoundland has been interpreted as a peri-Laurentian arc terrane that collided with the Laurentian margin at the onset of the Taconic orogeny, whereas along strike in New England, the More-town terrane marks the leading edge of peri-Gondwanan arcs. The peri-Laurentian affinity of the Dashwoods terrane hinges on the correlation of its oldest metasedimentary rocks with upper Ediacaran to Lower Ordovician rift-drift deposits of the Laurentian Humber margin in western Newfoundland. Here, we...

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