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Provenance determinations of sediment deposited in circum–Gulf of Mexico basins rely on understanding the geologic elements present in the basement provinces located from northeast Mexico to Honduras. Relevant geologic features of these provinces are herein summarized in text and pictorial form, and they include the Huizachal-Peregrina uplift, western Gulf of Mexico, Huayacocotla, Zapoteco, Mixteca, Xolapa, Juchatengo, Cuicateco, Mixtequita, south-central Chiapas, southeast Chiapas, western Guatemala, central Guatemala, Maya Mountains, and the Chortis block. We recognized basement elements of local character that serve as fingerprints for specific source areas. However, many elements are ubiquitous, such as 1.4–0.9 Ga, high-grade metamorphic rocks...

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