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Upper Triassic and Lower to Middle Jurassic strata in the Plomosas uplift of central Chihuahua accumulated in backarc and rift settings, respectively. The succession, as much as ~3250 m thick, consists of four stratigraphic units. The Cerro El Carrizalillo Formation (Carnian–Norian), a volcanic-lithic shallow-marine succession deposited in the (newly named) El Carrizalillo backarc basin, is characterized by predominantly Triassic detrital zircon ages. The overlying Plomosas Formation consists of three members: (1) the Cerro de Enmedio Member (Hettangian–Toarcian), a succession of conglomerate, siltstone, and shallow-marine carbonate strata deposited during the onset of extension in Chihuahua; (2) the Cerro Nevado Ignimbrite...

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