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Blocks of variably serpentinized oceanic mantle peridotite (harzburgite, olivine orthopyroxenite, and dunite) are entrained within a latest Cretaceous (“Laramide”) low-angle subduction channel, the Orocopia Schist, exposed at Cemetery Ridge, southwest Arizona. Oceanic peridotite, serpentinized by seawater, is strikingly out of place in this region of Paleoproterozoic to Jurassic continental crust. Correspondingly, the Cemetery Ridge peridotite contains four serpentinization-related sulfide or intermetallic minerals quite unusual for an inland, continental tectonic setting: pentlandite, cobalt pentlandite, heazlewoodite, and awaruite. The peridotite also contains two Ni-arsenide minerals, orcélite and maucherite; and, less commonly, the sulfides pyrrhotite, bismuthinite, bornite, and parkerite(?). These minerals form...

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