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Spatial distributions of widespread igneous arc rocks and high-pressure–low-temperature (HP/LT) metamafic rocks, combined with U-Pb maximum ages of deposition from detrital zircon and petrofacies of Jurassic–Miocene clastic sedimentary rocks, constrain the geologic development of the northern and central Californian accretionary margin: (1) Before ca. 175 Ma, transpressive plate subduction initiated construction of a magmatic arc astride the Klamath-Sierran crustal margin. (2) Paleo-Pacific oceanic-plate rocks were recrystallized under HP/LT conditions in an east-dipping subduction zone beneath the arc at ca. 170–155 Ma. Stored at depth, these HP/LT metamafic blocks returned surfaceward mainly during mid- and Late Cretaceous time as olistoliths...

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