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New U-Pb sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe (SHRIMP) ages from zircon and monazite document a 350 m.y. geologic evolution for the New Jersey Highlands. Two pulses of calc-alkaline magmatism that include the Wanaque tonalitic gneiss (1366 ± 9 Ma and 1363 ± 17 Ma) and Losee Suite tonalitic gneiss (1282 ± 7 Ma), dacitic gneiss (1254 ± 5 Ma), and dioritic gneiss (1248 ± 12 Ma) represent the southern continuation of eastern Laurentian margin arc activity.

Supracrustal paragneisses, marble, and cogenetic metavolcanic rocks were deposited in a backarc basin inboard of the Losee arc. Ages of 1299 ± 8 Ma to...

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