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The Permian-Triassic Transantarctic basin, which occupied the Panthalassan margin of the East Antarctic craton, including the present Transantarctic and Ellsworth Mountains, evolved above a mid-Paleozoic passive continental margin basement through the following stages: (1) Carboniferous/Permian extension, (2) late Early Permian back-arc basin, (3) Late Permian and Triassic foreland basin, and (4) Jurassic extension and tholeiitic volcanism. A mid-Paleozoic (Devonian) wedge of coastal-to-shallow marine quartzose sandstone developed on the eroded roots of the Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician Ross orogen. A lacuna in East Antarctica during the Carboniferous was followed by the inception of Gondwanan deposition in a wide Carboniferous/Permian extensional basin. Volcanic...

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