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In Europe, a Lower Ordovician conodont zonation can be established for the calcareous, partially condensed succession of the Baltic Shield. Sporadic conodont occurrences in the graptolitic shale facies can be correlated with this zonation. The Tremadocian to Llanvirnian Series are dealt with, and eleven conodont zones are established in these series. From below, these are the zones of Cordylodus angulatus, Paltodus deltifer (both Tremadocian), Paroistodus proteus, Prioniodus elegans, P. evae (corresponding to the Arenigian extensus Zone), Baltoniodus triangularis, B. navis, Paroistodus originalis, Microzarkodina parva (corresponding to the main part of the Arenigian hirundo Zone), and Amorphognathus variabilis (top of hirundo...

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