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Call for themed issue papers
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Geosphere Themed Issues

Geosphere periodically runs theme-specific issues. These issues contain collections of articles devoted to the same topic or region and span multiple issues of the journal.

Papers are published in regular Geosphere issues as they are accepted, and then each themed issue appears on a separate web page where all themed-issue papers are grouped. Issues are collected here for ease of viewing.

Uplift History of the Sierra Nevada, USA
Guest editors: Craig H. Jones, Christopher D. Henry, Elizabeth J. Cassel, and John Wakabayashi

Mechanisms, Conditions, and Geological Fingerprints of Slow Earthquakes
Guest editors: Jamie Kirkpatrick, John Platt, and David Schmidt

The Tectonic Evolution of the Basin and Range Province: A Themed Issue in Honor of Ernie Anderson
Guest editors: Paul J. Umhoefer, L. Sue Beard, James E. Faulds, and David M. Miller

Different Personalities of Granites and Rhyolites: Silicic Magmas from the Lower Crust to the Surface
Guest editors: Guilherme Gualda, Lily Claiborne, Jonathan S. Miller, and Ayla S. Pamukcu

Tectonic, Sedimentary, Volcanic and Fluid Flow Processes along the Queen Charlotte-Fairweather Fault System and Surrounding Continental Margin
Guest editors: Daniel Brothers, J. Vaughn Barrie, and H. Gary Greene

Seismotectonics of the San Andreas Fault System in the San Gorgonio Pass region
Guest editors: Michele L. Cooke, Doug Yule, and David D. Oglesby

The Growth and Evolution of North America: Insights from the EarthScope Project
Guest editors: Steven Whitmeyer, Michael Williams, and John Hole

Mantle to Surface Dynamics during the Transition from Subduction to Collision to Tectonic Escape: Results from the Continental Dynamics-Central Anatolian Tectonics (CD-CAT) Project
Guest editors: Susan Beck, Eric Sandvol, Christian Teyssier, and Paul Umhoefer

Subduction Top to Bottom 2
Guest editors: Gray E. Bebout, David W. Scholl, Robert J. Stern, Laura M. Wallace, and Philippe Agard

Geologic Evolution of the Alaska Range and Environs
Guest editors: James V. Jones, Julie Dumoulin, and Jeff Apple Benowitz

PLUTONS: Investigating the Relationship between Pluton Growth and Volcanism in the Central Andes
Guest editors: George Zandt, Shan de Silva, Rodrigo del Potro, Matthew Pritchard, and Gary Michelfelder

Active Margins in Transition—Magmatism and Tectonics through Time: An Issue in Honor of Arthur W. Snoke
Guest editors: Allen McGrew and Joshua Schwartz

Human Dimensions in Geoscience
Guest editors: Julie Libarkin, Renee Clary, and Suzanne O'Connell

Geothermal Energy from Sedimentary Basins: Challenges, Potential, and Ways Forward
Guest editors: John Holbrook, Herbert Einstein, and Anna Crowell

A New Three-Dimensional Look at the Geology, Geophysics, and Hydrology of the Santa Clara (“Silicon”) Valley
Guest editors: Randall T. Hanson, Victoria E. Langenheim, and Robert A. Williams

Anatomy of Rifting: Tectonics and Magmatism in Continental Rifts, Oceanic Spreading Centers, and Transforms
Guest editors: Carolina Pagli, Francesco Mazzarini, Eleonora Rivalta, Derek Keir, and Tyrone Rooney

Cenozoic Tectonics, Magmatism, and Stratigraphy of the Snake River Plain–Yellowstone Region and Adjacent Areas
Guest editors: Graham Andrews, Matthew Brueseke, and Ben Ellis

The 36–18 Ma southern Great Basin, USA, ignimbrite province and flareup
Guest editors: Myron G. Best, Eric H. Christiansen, and Sherman Gromme

Exploring the deep sea and beyond: Contributions to marine geology in honor of William R. Normark (Volume 1)
Exploring the deep sea and beyond: Contributions to marine geology in honor of William R. Normark (Volume 2)
Guest editors: Andrea Fildani, David J.W. Piper, and Dave Scholl

Results of IODP Exp313: The History and Impact of Sea-level Change Offshore New Jersey
Guest editors: Greg Mountain, Jean-Noel Proust, and David Burns McInroy

CRevolution 2: Origin and Evolution of the Colorado River System II
Guest editors: Karl E. Karlstrom, L. Sue Beard, Kyle House, Richard A. Young, Andres Aslan, George Billingsley, and Joel Pederson

Investigations of North America as EarthScope Reaches Its Maturity
Guest editors: Ken Duecker, Mike Williams, and Mike Jackson

Geodynamics and Consequences of Lithospheric Removal in the Sierra Nevada, California
Guest editors: Craig Jones and Jason Saleeby

Origin and Evolution of the Sierra Nevada and Walker Lane
Guest editors: Keith D. Putirka and Cathy J. Busby

Neogene Tectonics and Climate-Tectonic Interactions in the Southern Alaskan Orogen
Guest editors: Terry Pavlis, Eva Enkelmann, Sean Gulick, and Gary Pavlis

Seeing the True Shape of Earth's Surface: Applications of Airborne and Terrestrial Lidar in the Geosciences
Guest editors: Kurt Frankel and Ian Madin

The ANDRILL McMurdo Ice Shelf (MIS) and Southern McMurdo Sound (SMS) Drilling Projects
Guest editors: T. Paulsen, M. Pompilio, F. Niessen, K. Panter, and R. Jarrard

New Developments in Grenville Geology: In Honor of James McLelland
Guest editors: Graham B. Baird, Bruce W. Selleck, and Catherine H. Shrady

Tectonics, Volcanism, and Stratigraphy Within the Evolving Transform Margin North of San Francisco Bay, California
Guest editors: V.E. Langenheim and D.S. Sweetkind

Making the Southern Margin of Laurentia
Guest editors: Robert Stern, William R. Dickinson, and Timothy Lawton

Advances in 3D Imaging and Analysis of Geomaterials
Guest editors: Guilherme A.R. Gualda, Don R. Baker, and Margherita Polacci

LASI III—Magma Pulses and Sheets in Tabular Intrusions
Guest editors: Sergio Rocchi, Andrea Dini, Francesco Mazzarini, and David S. Westerman

Great Basin Tectonics and Metallogeny
Guest editors: Albert H. Hofstra and Alan R. Wallace

Unlocking 3D Earth Systems — Harnessing New Digital Technologies to Revolutionize Multi-Scale Geological Models

Modeling Flow and Transport
Guest editors: Robert W. Ritzi Jr. and Zhenxue Dai


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