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Anatomy of Rifting: Tectonics and Magmatism in Continental Rifts, Oceanic Spreading Centers, and Transforms

Guest editors: Carolina Pagli, Francesco Mazzarini, Eleonora Rivalta, Derek Keir, and Tyrone Rooney

This themed issue focuses on the broad spectrum of processes acting at divergent plate boundaries. During lithospheric extension, faults and magmatic intrusion accommodate plate separation and define a regular segmentation of the plate boundary. In continental rifts, lateral offsets of the rift segments are facilitated by diffuse non-transform zones, whereas in the more evolved ocean ridges, major offsets of the ridge occur by clearly defined strike-slip transform faults. Despite the importance of extension in breaking and separating continents, the distribution of plate boundary deformation in space and time, including maintenance of rift segmentation and initial development and kinematics of transform zones is poorly understood. This special issue aims to collect contributions from studies of continental rifts, ocean spreading centers, and transform zones to determine the role of magmatism and faulting and their implication for the tectonic evolution and magmatic architecture of the plate boundary. A broad perspective that spans rifting processes from the initial stages of lithospheric thinning to the formation of an ocean spreading center is considered.

Introduction: Anatomy of rifting: Tectonics and magmatism in continental rifts, oceanic spreading centers, and transforms
Pagli et al.
2015, v. 11, p. 1256-1261,

Contributions appear below in the order they were published.

Uppermost mantle velocity from Pn tomography in the Gulf of Aden
Corbeau et al.
2014, v. 10, p. 958-968,

Structural controls on fluid pathways in an active rift system: A case study of the Aluto volcanic complex
Hutchison et al.
2015, v. 11, p. 542-562,

Magma-induced axial subsidence during final-stage rifting: Implications for the development of seaward-dipping reflectors
Corti et al.
2015, v. 11, p. 563-571,

Stratigraphy and structural development of the southwest Isla Tiburón marine basin: Implications for latest Miocene tectonic opening and flooding of the northern Gulf of California
Bennett et al.
2015, v. 11, p. 977-1007,

Upper mantle structure of the southern Arabian margin: Insights from teleseismic tomography
Korostelev et al.
2015, v. 11, p. 1262-1278,

Hidden intrabasin extension: Evidence for dike-fault interaction from magnetic, gravity, and seismic reflection data in Surprise Valley, northeastern California
Athens et al.
2016, v. 12, p. 15-25,

Four-dimensional surface evolution of active rifting from spaceborne SAR data
Casu and Manconi
2016, v. 12, p. 697-705,

Volcanic field elongation, vent distribution, and tectonic evolution of a continental rift: The Main Ethiopian Rift example
Mazzarini et al.
2016, v. 12, p. 706-720,

Provenance evolution during progressive rifting and hyperextension using bedrock and detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology, Mauléon Basin, western Pyrenees
Hart et al.
2016, v. 12, p. 1166-1186,

Evolution of upper crustal faulting assisted by magmatic volatile release during early-stage continental rift development in the East African Rift
Muirhead et al.
2016, v. 12, p. 1670-1700,

An evaluation of Mesozoic rift-related magmatism on the margins of the Labrador Sea: Implications for rifting and passive margin asymmetry
Peace et al.
2016, v. 12, p. 1701-1724,

Structural evolution and basin architecture of the Traill Ø region, NE Greenland: A record of polyphase rifting of the East Greenland continental margin
Parsons et al.
2017, v. 13, p. 733-770,

Influences on the development of volcanic and magma-poor morphologies during passive continental rifting
Davis and Lavier
2017, v. 13, p. 1524-1540,

Tectonic subsidence, geoid analysis, and the Miocene-Pliocene unconformity in the Rio Grande rift, southwestern United States: Implications for mantle upwelling as a driving force for rift opening
van Wijk et al.
2018, v. 14, p. 684–709,

Magmatically assisted off-rift extension—The case for broadly distributed strain accommodation
Chiasera et al.
2018, v. 14, p. 1544-1563,

Nature of the crust in the northern Gulf of California and Salton Trough
van Wijk et al.
2019, v. 15, p. 1598–1616,

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