Pipeline-Etna Field

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Published: 01 December 2012
DOI: 10.5724/gcs.12.32.0347
EISBN: 978-0-9836097-8-0
... reservoirs are related to five structural trends of tilted blocks oriented sub-parallel to the Cabo Frio fault system: Tambora, Waimea (Tubarão Azul field), Fuji, Illimani, and Pipeline/Etna ( Fig. 8 ). The strike direction of faults is northeast/southwest. This structural pattern follows the same fault...
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Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 May 2001
AAPG Bulletin (2001) 85 (5): 781-793.
... are readily available for integration. Aside from monitoring pad performance, InSAR can be used to aid in reservoir development. With the increase in plant facilities, such as boilers, pipelines, and water separators, at the Cold Lake field, the land area now covered overlies a significant amount...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 October 2012
Italian Journal of Geosciences (2012) 131 (3): 448-458.
...Fedora Quattrocchi; Alberto Pizzi; Stefano Gori; Paolo Boncio; Nunzia Voltattorni; Alessandra Sciarra Abstract Field investigations performed in the epicentral area within the days following the April 6, 2009 L’Aquila earthquake (M w 6.3) allowed several researchers to detect evidence of coseismic...
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Journal Article
Published: 11 April 2017
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (2017) 107 (3): 1464-1477.
... in the area around a given station and to evaluate the potential damaging effects. These relationships may be deemed a useful guide for future implementation of the EEWS in the region. In eastern Sicily, an important role is played by the volcanic area of Mt. Etna (Fig.  1a ). Indeed, its seismicity creates...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 February 2009
Italian Journal of Geosciences (2009) 128 (1): 179-189.
..., slip rate, expected offset, etc. It is developed by APAT, based on the constant review of published reports and maps, with remote sensing and field checks and dedicated studies. A first version was issued in 2000 ( M ichetti et alii , 2000 ) followed by several major updates ( V ittori , 2004 ; D i...
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Journal Article
Published: 13 December 2018
Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis (2018) geochem2018-053.
... and organic matter, the rupture of underground pipelines, gas pipeline leakage, the use of pesticides, and domestic sewage infiltration potentially leading to organic pollution in groundwater. The field survey of the study area found that there were 1530 industrial enterprises and 1265 sewage discharge...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 November 2008
Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis (2008) 8 (3-4): 267-277.
... (Forum of European Geological Surveys) Geochemical Baseline Program approved and a Task Force for sampling environmental media all over the European territory established using agreed methods for geochemical sampling ( Plant et al . 1996 ; Salminen et al . 1998 ). The field manual of Salminen et al...
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Journal Article
Journal: Geophysics
Published: 19 April 2018
Geophysics (2018) 83 (3): WC43-WC51.
... surface arrays ( Williams-Stroud et al., 2010 ; Verdon et al., 2017 ). The monitoring of microseismic events in the reservoirs and mines is used to provide information on hydraulic fracturing, changes in the local stress field, imaging, and for seismic hazard analysis ( Chambers et al., 2010 ; Maxwell...
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Journal Article
Published: 11 March 2015
Seismological Research Letters (2015) 86 (3): 917-928.
... (e.g., Kværna and Ringdal, 1994 ; Gibbons et al. , 2005 ) and so‐called pattern detection: waveform correlation ( Harris, 1991 ; MacCarthy et al. , 2008 ) and empirical match field processing ( Harris and Kværna, 2010 ). All approaches require calibration against previously confirmed GT events...
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Journal Article
Published: 03 May 2017
Seismological Research Letters (2017) 88 (4): 994-1004.
... are geocoded and subsampled based on model resolution ( Lohman and Simons, 2005 ), with a minimum spacing of 2 km between data points in the near field (i.e., approximately within 15 km of fault trace, see Fig.  4c ). The geodetic and seismic data are jointly inverted using the method of Delouis et al...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 February 2014
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (2014) 47 (1): 7-27.
... to be undergoing natural Coulomb shear failure, and thus to display open apertures capable of yielding significant quantities of groundwater ( Olsson & Barton 2001 ). The same principle emerges in other fields of low-carbon hydrogeology, such as radioactive waste disposal and unconventional gas (see below...
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Journal Article
Journal: Economic Geology
Published: 01 May 2003
Economic Geology (2003) 98 (3): 671-682.
... region, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, based on deep seismic-reflection and potential-field data —B.R. Goleby, R.J. Korsch, T. Fomin, B. Bell, M.G. Nicoll, B.J. Drummond, and A.J. Owen 917 The recognition of terrestrial impact structures —A.M. Therriault, R.A.F. Grieve, and M. Pilkington 253...
Journal Article
Published: 01 July 2007
Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry (2007) 65 (1): 259-312.
...Stefán Arnórsson; Andri Stefánsson; Jón Örn Bjarnason The ultimate source of heat to geothermal systems is decaying radioactive elements, particularly U, Th and K, and the Earth’s gravity field. Rising magma transports heat to the upper crust, and convecting fluids in permeable rocks...
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Series: Geological Society, London, Special Publications
Published: 01 January 2007
DOI: 10.1144/GSL.SP.2007.273.01.02
EISBN: 9781862395213
... and time and can be linked to various types of physical evidence for the historical event. That we can make such unquestionable matches is because pertinent myth storylines contain rich details about the natural events and phenomena, and that one can find unambiguous confirmation and field evidence...