Pinnacles Mine

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Journal Article
Published: 01 March 1987
The Canadian Mineralogist (1987) 25 (1): 15-19.
Journal Article
Journal: Economic Geology
Published: 01 October 1988
Economic Geology (1988) 83 (6): 1193-1204.
... the New Broken Hill Consolidated mine; the C lode and the Zinc Corporation mine; and the Pinnacles mine (12 km southwest of the main Broken Hill lode), indicate pressures of 6.8, 5.5, 6.2, and 6.3 kbars, respectively. These pressures are in excellent agreement with estimates based on silicate assemblages...
Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 December 1976
AAPG Bulletin (1976) 60 (12): 2128-2141.
...Vincent Matthews, III ABSTRACT The Pinnacles Volcanic Formation (San Benito County, California) is an early Miocene (23.5 m.y.B.P.) sequence of calc-alkaline andesite, dacite, and rhyolite flows interbedded with pyroclastic and volcaniclastic rocks. Structurally the volcanic rocks form a west...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 September 2006
Environmental Geosciences (2006) 13 (3): 163-180.
... focus is fluid flow in porous media. He has served as the associate editor of Reviews in Geophysics .
 Norm Warpinski is currently the chief technology officer for Pinnacle Technologies in Houston, Texas. He is in charge of developing new tools and analyses for hydraulic fracture mapping, reservoir...
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Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 January 1974
AAPG Bulletin (1974) 58 (1): 34-62.
...K. J. Mesolella; J. D. Robinson; L. M. McCormick; A. R. Ormiston ABSTRACT The existence of hydrocarbon-bearing Silurian pinnacle reefs along the southeastern margin of the Michigan basin has been known for many years, with reef discoveries reaching a peak during the 1950s and early 1960s...
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Series: Society of Economic Geologists Guidebook Series
Published: 01 January 1992
DOI: 10.5382/GB.14.Ch5
EISBN: 9781934969670
... barite mine. This mine, idle since 1958, has the best exposures of rock pinnacles, remnants of upper Knox Group mineralized breccias. As at all the mines in the Sweetwater district, economic ore occurs only in the clay residuum and mining stops when bedrock is reached. Trip returns to Knoxville. ...
Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 March 2007
AAPG Bulletin (2007) 91 (3): 287-320.
..., and volcanic-ash horizons allow chronostratigraphic correlation and, thus, a basinwide evaluation of mechanisms controlling platform evolution. A comparison of platform architecture demonstrates that southerly platforms have substantially greater thickness, backstepping geometry, pinnacle development...
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Journal Article
Journal: GSA Bulletin
Published: 01 May 1996
GSA Bulletin (1996) 108 (5): 545-561.
...Kathryn M. Gregory; W. C. McIntosh Abstract Angiosperm leaves from the Oligocene Pitch-Pinnacle flora, which grew between 32.9 and 29 Ma, are described for the first time. This flora is especially interesting because it grew in a tectonically active region around the time of the precipitous...
Journal Article
Published: 01 April 2002
Environmental and Engineering Geoscience (2002) 8 (4): 309-318.
...RON HARRIS; ALLEN LUTHI; ALAN L. MAYO; WENDELL KOONTZ Abstract An investigation of the structure and hydrology of the West Elk Mine region reveals that variable local development of faults above an igneous cupola are parallel to systematic joints and in situ stresses, which in turn control...
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Series: SEPM Special Publication
Published: 01 January 1997
DOI: 10.2110/pec.97.57.0183
EISBN: 9781565761803
... converted to nodular anhydrite during shallow burial. Regionally the depositional setting can be divided into two areas:(a) a higher energy shoal region in the vicinity of the mine and Cadjebut Fault and (b) a landward more restricted lower energy evaporitic lagoonal setting. Two petrographically distinct...
Journal Article
Journal: Economic Geology
Published: 01 May 2018
Economic Geology (2018) 113 (3): 779-788.
..., surface and subsurface mineralization is limited to the peripheries of giant pinnacle reefs of an unusual type hitherto considered unique. At the past-producing Kipushi Cu-Zn deposit, orebodies are associated with a lithologic break, until now interpreted as a fault but here reinterpreted as the steep...
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Journal Article
Journal: Geophysics
Published: 23 September 2015
Geophysics (2015) 80 (6): WC117-WC131.
... source location having vertical and lateral errors of approximately 1 km and 200 m, respectively (figure published with permission from Pinnacle — A Halliburton service). Many current and prospective unconventional shale reserves occur in the presence of high-velocity layers, such as evaporite...
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Journal Article
Journal: Geology
Published: 01 July 2004
Geology (2004) 32 (7): 589-592.
... Melbourne Rockwell and Sydney Rockwell deposits. Possibly the Sydney Rockwell deposit represents the surface expression of the hydrothermal system that formed the Zn-rich mineralization at the Pinnacles mine. The Southern Cross deposit ( Fig. 4 ) occurs immediately above the Parnell Formation...
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Journal Article
Journal: Interpretation
Published: 07 October 2015
Interpretation (2015) 4 (1): SB1-SB11.
... the pinnacle reef that contains the reservoir. We have used coherence, curvature, and spectral decomposition seismic attributes to determine the morphology and gray-level co-occurrence matrix attributes to define seismic facies within the feature. These indicated that the channel originated by submarine...
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Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 February 1987
AAPG Bulletin (1987) 71 (2): 156-166.
...Karen Rose Cercone; Kyger C. Lohmann ABSTRACT Core samples from Middle Silurian pinnacle reefs in northern Michigan exhibit a regionally consistent assemblage of late diagenetic phases including geopetal diagenetic sediment, disseminated pyrite, pyrobitumen, rhombic dolomite cement, and equant...
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Series: AAPG Studies in Geology
Published: 01 January 2002
DOI: 10.1306/St48794C5
EISBN: 9781629810591
..., less-productive reservoirs at lower pressures. In the Alberta Basin, the HRGM anomaly intensity decreases monotonically, from highest values over prolific Leduc Formation (Upper Devonian) pinnacle-reef reservoirs, to somewhat lower values over Nisku Formation (Upper Devonian) biostrome reservoirs...
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Series: DNAG, Centennial Field Guides
Published: 01 January 1987
DOI: 10.1130/0-8137-5402-X.233
EISBN: 9780813754086
... the route at such localities (Fig. 1) as the Pinnacles, Yellow Mounds, Rainbow Overlook, Banded Buttes Overlook, and Cedar Pass. Due to space limitations herein, frequent references are made to the road log, photographs, and bibliographic references of the area by Martin (1985). ...
Journal Article
Journal: Geophysics
Published: 15 January 2009
Geophysics (2009) 74 (1): P13-P23.
... a Devonian pinnacle reef system and the second containing a Jurassic siliciclastic channel system. Both analyses show major stratigraphic features that can be defined in horizon slices or other types of visualization. However, the visual data-mining approach creates seismic facies maps with improved visual...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 August 1996
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (1996) 29 (3): 193-197.
...A. Forster; S. C. Forster Abstract The Loire region of France (Fig. 1) is famous for its many chateaux which represent not only a pinnacle in art and architecture but also are a testimony to the excellence of the local building stone. The Saumur region of the Loire valley has an estimated 1000 km...
Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 15 August 2019
AAPG Bulletin (2019) 103 (8): 1925-1962.
..., which drained the emergent area of what is now northern Nicaragua. The late Miocene–to–present-day period marks a period of strong subsidence with the development of small pinnacle reefs. We describe favorable petroleum system elements of the Nicaraguan platform that include (1) Eocene fossiliferous...
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