Nodosinella and associated genera

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Journal Article
Published: 01 July 1955
Micropaleontology (1955) 1 (3): 221-238.
Journal Article
Published: 01 January 2004
Micropaleontology (2004) 50 (1): 1-26.
... Nodosinella canningensis and Rectoavesnella lennardi. Stratigraphic position: Gumhole Formation equivalent, lower Fairfield Group. Family PARATHURAMMINIDAE E. V. Bykova 1955 Discussion: Antropov’s described species Lagenammina sheshmae from the Famennian, and also Frasnian, of Tatarstan...
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Series: Geological Society, London, Special Publications
Published: 01 January 2018
DOI: 1010.1144/SP450.1
EISBN: 9781786203311
... are actually little used, but four recent types of investigations could develop their knowledge: (1) the smaller foraminifers associated with the fusulinids described by Leven (1967 , 1998 , 2003 ) are currently revised by Filimonova (2010 , 2013 ), even if some parts of these contributions may provoke...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 October 2004
Journal of Foraminiferal Research (2004) 34 (4): 308-324.
... and brachiopods). Fusulinid foraminifera and calcareous algae are absent. Seven foraminiferal assemblage zones subdivide the succession and parallel changes in associated macrofauna and lithofacies. Environmental changes determined from the succession include (1) a transition from nearshore, low-energy, low...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 November 2006
Geological Magazine (2006) 143 (6): 829-857.
... of the disappearance of some species. These faunas comprise mainly genera and species known during the late Viséan and only some uncommon new species (Fig. 8 ). That coral association is not useful to characterize a new zone. In southwestern Europe, Serpukhovian marine facies with corals are more common, and also...
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Journal Article
Journal: GeoArabia
Publisher: Gulf Petrolink
Published: 01 October 2005
GeoArabia (2005) 10 (4): 137-186.
... of the Triassic/Permian Boundary is approximately characterised, but requires more accurate studies. Forty-three taxa were identified, mostly in open nomenclature. One new species is described: Glomospirella? linae n. sp. The foraminiferal assemblage is correlated with several associations in Iran, Turkey...
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Journal Article
Published: 06 February 2008
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (2008) 45 (1): 45-67.
..., mappable unit of the Barachois Group in the Codroy lowlands, distinguished from typical Searston Formation by the characteristic presence of coal seams and associated grey mudrock. However, no estimate of stratigraphic thickness is possible from the few structurally complex exposures of these rocks, which...
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Journal Article
Published: 22 March 2018
Journal of Paleontology (2018) 92 (3): 336-372.
... specimen (sample POL11a-10b). Eovolutinidae (= Rauserinidae) emend. herein encompasses the eovolutinins (with two concentric chambers), rauserinins (with clusters of unilocular chambers), and vicinesphaerins (strictly unilocular) (e.g., the genera Eovolutina Antropov, 1950 ; Rauserina Antropov...
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