Fitchville Formation

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Journal Article
Published: 01 January 2003
Journal of Paleontology (2003) 77 (1): 139–145.
...WILLIAM I. AUSICH Abstract A low-diversity crinoid fauna is described from the Fitchville Formation, Lower Mississippian (Late Devonian to Early Mississippian) of Utah County, Utah. Based on the crinoid fauna, composed of Nunnacrinus olsoni new species, Paracosmetocrinus lundi new species...
Series: GSA Memoirs
Published: 01 January 1967
DOI: 10.1130/MEM103-p1
... aculeatus which are indicative of the middle costatus zone in Germany. These two species occur in the lower beds of the Fitchville Formation in central Utah. The presence of conspecific conodonts in the same sequence as that found else-where confirms the widespread biostratigraphic value...
Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 November 1966
AAPG Bulletin (1966) 50 (11): 2404–2433.
... Member of the Chaffee Formation of central Colorado. There is a good possibility that the Ouray also correlates with the Fitchville Formation of central Utah. Rigby and Clark (1962) describe the Fitchville as consisting of 100-300 ft. of gray dolomite which grades into the underlying Pinyon Peak...
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Journal Article
Journal: Palynology
Published: 22 December 2017
Palynology (2017) 41 (0): 189–220.
... glacioeustatic controls. A palynologic analysis of the upper Three Forks, Sappington and lower Lodgepole formations was carried out at the classic Logan Gulch location in Horseshoe Hills. The lower Trident Member of Three Forks Formation yielded low-diversity cosmopolitan, long ranging phytoplankton and few...
(a)  Map showing locations of igneous samples from this study (Cook and Bow...
Published: 01 April 2001
Fitchville (Mf) and Deseret/Gardison (Mdg) formations and Quaternary alluvium (Qal). The Alta-Grizzly thrust (labeled with teeth) predates the Alta intrusion, and has repeated some of the stratigraphic section.
Journal Article
Published: 01 November 2003
Journal of Sedimentary Research (2003) 73 (6): 844–855.
... Formation and the typicus Zone in the upper part of the Gardison Limestone ( Poole and Sandberg 1991 ), indicating nearly continuous deposition beginning in the earliest Mississippian. The sampled portion of the Fitchville Formation consists of a heterogeneous mixture of argillaceous lime mudstone...
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Journal Article
Published: 27 May 2020
Environmental and Engineering Geoscience (2020) 26 (2): 201–215.
..., low-relief strike gully formed between two east-dipping quartzite ridges. The two main lithologies comprising the Devils Castle headwall are the Mississippian Fitchville Formation and Deseret/Gardison Limestone ( Figure 2 ) ( Baker et al., 1966 ). The Fitchville Formation consists of parallel...
Journal Article
Published: 01 April 2001
American Mineralogist (2001) 86 (4): 513–533.
... Fitchville (Mf) and Deseret/Gardison (Mdg) formations and Quaternary alluvium (Qal). The Alta-Grizzly thrust (labeled with teeth) predates the Alta intrusion, and has repeated some of the stratigraphic section. ...
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Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 February 1966
AAPG Bulletin (1966) 50 (2): 269–282.
... by pre-Lower Mississippian erosion. Farther south in the Gilson Mountains, Costain (1960) reported that the Fitchville Limestone containing the Lower Mississippian Spirifer centronatus fauna rests unconformably on the Middle Devonian Simonson Formation containing Stringocephalus . Locally...
Journal Article
Journal: Geology
Published: 23 September 2020
Geology (2021) 49 (2): 168–173.
... contributor is preexisting crustal rocks ( White and Chappell, 1983 ; Davidson and Arculus, 2005 ; Sisson et al., 2005 ; Collins et al., 2020 ). An alternative view is that fractional crystallization of mantle-derived basalts following the formation of subarc ultramafic cumulates coupled with melting...
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Series: Geological Society, London, Special Publications, Geological Society, London, Special Publications
Published: 01 January 2016
DOI: 10.1144/SP423.9
EISBN: 9781862399556
... Utah: within Fitchville Formation ( Sandberg & Poole 1977 ; Gutschick & Rodriguez 1979 ; Clark et al. 2014 )  5. Woodruff Basin, Nevada: below Chainman Shale ( Sandberg & Poole 1977 ; Sandberg et al. 2003 )  6. SE Nevada–NE Utah–Montana, Great Basin: lag sandstone/top of Unit 3...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 January 2009
Rocky Mountain Geology (2009) 44 (2): 103–119.
... my, essentially since the time of crust formation. Of the basement rocks exposed in Utah ( Fig. 1 ), only those of the Raft River–Grouse Creek Ranges are most clearly Archean ( Nelson et al., 2002 ; Premo et al., 2008 ). For example, basement rocks in the Mineral Mountains are Proterozoic...
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Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 May 1966
AAPG Bulletin (1966) 50 (5): 858–900.
.... These exposures occur in the western limb of a northeasterly plunging syncline and are confined to the Wah Wah thrust plate. On the east side of the range the formation is exposed for about 6 miles in the eastern limb of the syncline. The thickness is estimated to be about 7,000 feet; however, repetition...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 January 2001
Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry (2001) 43 (1): 415–467.
... marble, calc-silicate hornfels, skarn, 3 stages of skarn formation 5. Skye, Scotland 20 7 granite marble, skarn, some depletion due to meteoric water 6. Elkhorn, Montana marble 240 m skarn 21m 1 kbar 525 <0.25 15 7 quartz-diorite dolostone, marble, skarn 7. Notch Peak Stock...
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