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Journal Article
Published: 04 August 2022
Journal of the Geological Society (2022) 179 (5): jgs2021-072.
... during the Lower–Middle Pennsylvanian melting events. Detrital zircon ages of the Pinhão Formation (Douro Group) have contrasting sources to units from the Beiras Group, which may indicate the presence of a barrier that prevented older detrital components from reaching the Douro basin. However, at odds...
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Cross-correlation coefficients of probability density plots (PDPs) for Dour...
Published: 04 August 2022
); Beiras Group Greywackes (PNC-1 and PNC-2; Pereira et al. 2012a ) and Armorican Quartzites (Armorican Qtz: PNC-4; Pereira et al. 2012a ; LAZ-26 and LAZ-05; Shaw et al. 2014 )
KDE (left) and CDF (right) plots for detrital zircon ages of the Pinhão For...
Published: 04 August 2022
Fig. 9. KDE (left) and CDF (right) plots for detrital zircon ages of the Pinhão Formation and the Beiras Group greywackes (PNC-1 and PNC-2; Pereira et al. 2012 a ). The KDE and CDF plots were performed with the support of the detzrcr package ( Andersen et al. 2018 ).
Stratigraphic columns of the Douro <span class="search-highlight">Group</span> formations of the Douro–<span class="search-highlight">Beiras</span> Sup...
Published: 04 August 2022
Fig. 2. Stratigraphic columns of the Douro Group formations of the Douro–Beiras Supergroup (DBSG) with the position of the analysed samples (U–Pb detrital zircon) in this study by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ( Sá et al. 2005 ; Dias et al. 2013 ; Silva 2013 ).
Journal Article
Published: 01 April 1990
American Mineralogist (1990) 75 (3-4): 401–404.
...Joel D. Grice; Pete J. Dunn; Robert A. Ramik Abstract Jahnsite-(CaMnMn), a new mineral species from Mangualde, Beira, Portugal, occurs as equant, brownish yellow crystals to 0.5 mm, associated with phosphosiderite, zodacite, varulite, and microcline. The mineral is transparent and has a vitreous...
Journal Article
Published: 01 October 1951
American Mineralogist (1951) 36 (9-10): 671–679.
...Clifford Frondel Abstract Sabugalite is a new member of the autunite group with the composition HAl(UO 2 ) 4− (PO 4 ) 4 ·16H 2 O. Analyses are cited of material from the Mina da Quarta Seira, Sabugal, Beira province, and from Kariz, Minho province, in Portugal; a third occurrence is noted from...
Journal Article
Published: 04 August 2022
Journal of the Geological Society (2022) 179 (5): jgs2021-168.
... (correlative of the Beiras Group; Medina et al. 1998 ) from the Ediacaran–Fortunian Ibor Group (Linnemann et al . 2018; Talavera et al. 2015 ). The Ediacaran Lower Alcudian–Domo Extremeño Supergroup consists of a monotonous succession of greywacke and shale with a few beds of sandstone and conglomerate...
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Journal Article
Journal: Economic Geology
Published: 12 December 2020
Economic Geology (2021) 116 (1): 123–146.
...-Cambrian metasedimentary rocks (the Schist-Greywacke Complex, or Beira Group) overlain unconformably by the Early Ordovician Armorican quartzite ( Diez-Fernandez et al., 2013 ). Fig. 1. Geologic map of the Iberian massif, with Panasqueira location. The map is adapted and simplified from Diez...
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Journal Article
Published: 16 January 2012
Geological Magazine (2012) 149 (5): 927–939.
... in the Schistose-Greywacke Domain – the Beira Baixa–Central Extremadura tonalite–granodiorite belt – which resembles a continental magmatic arc. This belt is contemporaneous with the Ollo de Sapo magmatic event further north in the Central Iberian Zone. Early Ordovician tonalite–granodiorite U–Pb...
Journal Article
Published: 01 August 1989
Journal of the Geological Society (1989) 146 (4): 649–657.
... investigations in the Aguiar da Beira, Granite Area, Northern Portugal. PhD Thesis. University of Amsterdam. Brun J. P. Cobbold P. R. Strain heating and thermal softening in continental shear zones: a review Journal of Structural Geology 1980 2 149 158 Burg J. P. Iglesias M...
Journal Article
Journal: Geology
Published: 01 July 2017
Geology (2017) 45 (7): 579–582.
...-chlorite schists of the Beira group that contain as much as 7 wt% iron oxide and as much as 0.1 wt% manganese oxide ( Polya, 1989 ). Trace metal enrichment of the schist occurs up to several kilometers away from the altered granite cupola ( Polya, 1988 ). At the deposit scale, the highest tungsten grades...
Journal Article
Published: 01 February 2002
American Mineralogist (2002) 87 (2-3): 205–216.
... of a compositional gap between the K- and NH 4 -micas was proposed by Juster et al. (1987) . In the Douro-Beira samples, the simultaneous presence of two groups of mica compositions, one K rich and the other K poor, is demonstrated by XRD diagrams (Fig. 2 ), lattice fringe images (Fig. 7 ), SAED (inset Fig. 8...
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Journal Article
Published: 07 May 2021
Journal of the Geological Society (2021) 178 (5): jgs2020-223.
.... To the north, however, the basement is characterized by a more varied lithology of pelites intercalated with abundant conglomerates and limestones or dolomites ( Oen 1970 ; Teixeira 1972 ; Schermerhorn 1977 ). Based on this contrast, these basement formations have been assigned to the Beiras and Douro groups...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 March 2001
South African Journal of Geology (2001) 104 (1): 47–68.
... lines: Etosha-Griqualand-Transvaal (EGT) Axis and Okavango—Kalahari—Zimbabwe (OKZ) Axis (from Moore, 1999 ). Cities: B: Beira; CT: Cape Town; D: Durban; H: Harare; L: Luanda; M: Maputo; P: Pretoria; W: Windhoek. The Zambezi system, illustrated in detail in Figure 2 , is by far the largest...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 July 2006
Seismological Research Letters (2006) 77 (4): 426–439.
... but many people slept through the event, which suggests that the intensity there did not exceed IV. In Beira, Mozambique's second city, located on the coast about 220 km northeast of the earthquake, shaking was stronger and caused great alarm among the population, indicating that intensity may have reached...
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Journal Article
Published: 09 December 2017
Petroleum Geoscience (2018) 24 (1): 57–91.
... in the Angoche Basin and east of the Beira High ( Fig. 3 ). Fig. 3. Possible SDRs, volcanic flows and dykes associated with the Bouvet hotspot. Most dyke locations are from Geological Survey of Botswana (1978 ), Chavez Gomez (2000) , Mekonnen (2004) and Reeves (2000) . The section location...
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Journal Article
Journal: Clay Minerals
Published: 01 September 2010
Clay Minerals (2010) 45 (3): 353–370.
...) ERV-1 Sediment Ervedal da Beira 8 ERV-2 Sediment Ervedal da Beira 8 ERV-3 Sediment Ervedal da Beira 8 ERV-BO Sediment Ervedal da Beira The normalization of chemical concentrations using Sc ([X]/[Sc]) gives more indicators and/or enhances the differences between...
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Journal Article
Journal: Lithosphere
Publisher: GSW
Published: 30 June 2017
Lithosphere (2017) 9 (5): 726–744.
... of the Iberian Massif: 1—Porto-Tomar; 2—Malpica-Lamego; 3—Juzbado-Penalva do Castelo; 4—Douro-Beira; 5—Huebra; 6—Tamames; 7—Palas de Rei; 8—Coimbra-Córdoba; 9—South Iberian. In the Iberian Massif of the Variscan orogenic system, strike-slip shear zones and upright folds are considered the result...
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Journal Article
Published: 05 June 2017
Journal of the Geological Society (2017) 174 (6): 1004–1018.
... flyshoid Douro-Beiras Supergroup of Ediacarian to Cambrian age ( Martins et al. 2012 ; Talavera et al. 2012 ; Romão et al. 2013 ; Jensen & Palacios 2016 ). Different granites have been identified and mapped in the region, with distinct textures, mineralogy and deformation patterns: pre-D 1...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 January 2013
European Journal of Mineralogy (2013) 25 (1): 113–115.
... of the whiteite group from Mangualde, Beira, Portugal . Am. Mineral. , 75 , 401 – 404 . Henry D.J. Novák M. Hawthorne F.C. Ertl A. Dutrow B.L. Uher P. Pezzota F. ( 2011 ): Nomenclature of the tourmaline-supergroup minerals . Am. Mineral. , 96 , 895 – 913 . Kampf...