Bacchus Field

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Series: Geological Society, London, Petroleum Geology Conference Series
Published: 01 January 2018
DOI: 10.1144/PGC8.4
EISBN: 9781786203151
... Abstract The Bacchus Field, discovered in 2004, is a small borderline high-pressure–high-temperature (HPHT) oil field 6.8 km east of the Forties Alpha Platform. The reservoir is Fulmar Sandstone with a rotated fault-block trap. The reservoir is typically thin (10–50 m) and difficult to image...
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Series: Geological Society, London, Memoirs
Published: 30 October 2020
DOI: 10.1144/M52-2017-41
EISBN: 9781786205070
... Field area. However, faulting on the flanks of the Forties Montrose High allows the development of Upper Jurassic Fulmar Formation sandstone and Kimmeridge Clay Formation. The Bacchus Field, which has a Fulmar Formation reservoir, is located in a fault terrace to the east of the Forties Field on Block...
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Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 September 1983
AAPG Bulletin (1983) 67 (9): 1454.
... of lesser significance in the Clarence-Moreton basin in Queensland and New South Wales. The lesser known fields also include the Permian Collie coalfield and Perth (Permian-Cretaceous) and Canning (Permian-Triassic) basins of Western Australia; the Bonaparte basin (Permian), mostly offshore in the Darwin...
Journal Article
Published: 01 November 2011
Environmental & Engineering Geoscience (2011) 17 (4): 391–415.
...SYDNEY BACCHUS; JANNA MASOUR; MARGUERITE MADDEN; THOMAS JORDAN; QINGMIN MENG Abstract Mining throughout the Floridan aquifer system alters groundwater conditions. Determination of magnitude and extent of groundwater alterations in this regional karst aquifer system is difficult due to preferential...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 April 2005
Environmental & Engineering Geoscience (2005) 11 (4): 347–369.
...S. T. BACCHUS; P. J. BARILE Abstract Surface discharges of anthropogenic nutrients historically have been the focus of Florida's water-quality regulations. Groundwater contributions to eutrophication of Florida's surface waters are a more recent focus. Florida's naturally oligotrophic springs...
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Journal Article
Journal: AAPG Bulletin
Published: 01 August 2000
AAPG Bulletin (2000) 84 (8): 1129–1151.
... in that the results are averaged across all coal seams. Table 1 Average Range for Selected Coal Qualities in Southern Australian Brown Coal Deposits Figure 7 Brown coal lithotypes and organic sulfur in coal cross section between Bacchus Marsh and Altona bore (Port Phillip Basin). For location...
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Journal Article
Published: 24 February 2003
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (2003) 40 (2): 177–205.
..., Saguenay Graben. Tectono-stratigraphic nappes of the Humber Zone are S, Stanbridge; P, Philipsburg; G, Granby; SH, Sainte-Hénédine; C, Chaudière; QP, Quebec Promontory; B, Bacchus; RB, Rivière Boyer; R, Richardson; RSA, Rivière Sainte-Anne; RM, Rivière Marsoui; mCC, Cap Chat mélange; ML, Mont Logan; HA...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 March 2002
Journal of Paleontology (2002) 76 (2): 287–305.
...ED LANDING; GERD GEYER; KENNETH E. BARTOWSKI Abstract Latest Early Cambrian continental slope deposition of the early Hatch Hill dysaerobic interval (new name, latest Early Cambrian–earliest Ordovician) is recorded by dark grey shales and turbidite limestones in the Bacchus slice at Ville Guay...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 December 1980
Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology (1980) 28 (4): 559–577.
... if 'shallow' and 'deep' are used, respectively. Retaining the term 'diagenesis' for the entire p-T field between deposition and metamorph- ism is in line with common practice among eologists and sedimentary petrologists. .~HAUDI oo oo o~ooooo 'PLATFORM / AUTOCHTHON' 2.23-2.50 ~ 1.01-1.131 1.14-1.15 "1 .26-1...
Journal Article
Journal: The Leading Edge
Published: 01 April 2022
The Leading Edge (2022) 41 (4): 232–238.
... of optimizing the plan, synergies have been taken for covering exploration acreage surrounding the Forties 4D acquisition in 2013 (over the Bacchus Field), in 2016 (areas to the west of Forties), and in 2020 (to the south and northeast of Forties). This expansion is exemplified by the latest processing of joint...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 March 2009
Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology (2009) 57 (1): 34–62.
... and orientation of these structures varies along the belt. The frontal thrusts, Logan’s Line and the Aston fault, extend from the southwest to the northeast for about 200 km from Montreal to Quebec City (Fig. 1 ). The orientation of frontal thrust sheets, however, changes in the belt near Quebec City. The Bacchus...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 September 1913
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (1913) 3 (3): 138–142.
... severe volcaniq disturbances rocked the hills to the north of Rome, both shocks being felt in the upper part of the city. One of the huge blocks in the ruined temple of Bacchus was dis- lodged from its base and broken. In the city the uneasiness caused by the earthquakes was increased by reports...
Journal Article
Published: 04 March 2003
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (2003) 40 (2): 285–300.
..., Notre-Dame Mountains anticlinorium; BBL, Baie Verte – Brompton line. Circled numbers refer to allochthonous nappes of the external Humber zone cited in text: 1, Rivière Boyer nappe; 2, Chaudière nappe; 3, Granby nappe; 4, Bacchus – Sainte-Hénédine nappe; 5, Stanbridge nappe; 6, Richardson nappe; and 7...
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Journal Article
Published: 28 February 2020
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (2020) 57 (9): 1089–1102.
...) and central Labrador Trough (Romanet and Du Chambon formations), but it is dominated by basalt in the eastern region (Bacchus Formation; Dimroth 1978 ). At the top of the Swampy Bay Group is the poorly exposed, dominantly siliciclastic Le Fer Formation ( Fig. 3 ). The overlying Denault Formation (lower...
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Journal Article
Published: 01 October 1944
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (1944) 34 (4): 207–216.
..., to Keetley, and southwesterly to Pleasant Grove. The earthquake reached a maximum intensity of VI at Bacchus, Bingham Canyon, Magna, Garfield, Granger, and Salt Lake City. Cracked plaster, fall of knickknacks, broken windows and dishes, were reported from these places. No structural damage was reported from...
Journal Article
Published: 01 October 2002
Earth Sciences History (2002) 21 (2): 166–189.
... and not theories. 15 Walther made use of his field experience of Australian laterites in a well-known paper 16 and in his magisterial book on ice ages. Coleman referred to the glacigene exposures and forms exposed in the Sturt Gorge, just south of Adelaide, and at Hallett Cove and in the Inman Valley, both...
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Journal Article
Published: 13 April 2007
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (2007) 44 (2): 155–169.
...) in its hanging wall. A number of critical relationships are exposed in the gorge or are inferred from mapping of these rocks north to the International Border and into Quebec, and these are discussed in the following subsections of text. Fig. 5. Field photos are all from the north bank...
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Journal Article
Journal: Geology
Published: 01 July 2005
Geology (2005) 33 (7): 529–532.
... Tiberias ( Ben-Menahem, 1979 ). The second, larger shock on 25 November destroyed all villages in the Beqaa. Baalbek was ruined. Three of the last nine columns of the Jupiter temple ( Ben-Menahem, 1991 ) and three columns of the Bacchus temple collapsed. Safed, Ras Baalbek, and Damascus were damaged...
Journal Article
Published: 01 May 2010
Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society (2010) 58 (1): 9–14.
... tuberculatus (J.S. Miller) brachials broad, hexagonal in aboral view   Icthyocrinus spp. arms closely abutting, brachial ossicles broad   Lecanocrinus bacchus (Salter) arms closely abutting, brachial ossicles broad   Hormocrinus anglicus Springer brachial ossicles broad   Pycnosaccus...
Journal Article
Published: 12 February 2015
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (2015) 52 (4): 261–277.
... in the Inner Humber Zone), which includes the Rivière Boyer, the Chaudière, Sainte Hénédine, Bacchus, Richardson, and the Rivière Saint-Anne nappes ( Fig. 2 ; Lebel and Kirkwood 1998 ). The quartz arenites are pervasively silica cemented ( Fig. 4A ). The presence of syntactic quartz overgrowths...
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