Atterberg plastic limits

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Journal Article
Published: 01 August 1949
American Mineralogist (1949) 34 (7-8): 508–512.
...W. Arthur White Abstract The Atterberg plastic limits of the common pure clay minerals are presented. The data obtained indicate that the plastic limit of attapulgite >montmorillonite >illite >kaolinite; that the liquid limit of sodium montmorillonite>calcium montmorillonite...
Journal Article
Published: 01 October 2007
Clays and Clay Minerals (2007) 55 (5): 519–523.
... content, is transformed from a semi-solid state to a plastic state. The liquid limit (LL) is the point at which the consistency is transformed from a plastic state to a liquid state. The plastic limit and liquid limit are often collectively referred to as the Atterberg (or consistency) Limits. Although...
Journal Article
Journal: Clay Minerals
Published: 01 June 2009
Clay Minerals (2009) 44 (2): 181–193.
... limits soil water content The Atterberg limits are soil property indexes mainly used for identification, description, and classification of fine-grained soils. The liquid limit ( W LL ) and plastic limit ( W PL ) define the transitions between the liquid and brittle solid-soil behaviour...
Journal Article
Published: 01 November 1993
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (1993) 26 (4): 359–368.
...A. N. Al-Khafaji Abstract This Technical Note examines the relationship between the Atterberg limits and soil compaction as measured by use of the standard proctor compaction test. The relations of liquid limit, W L , and plastic limit, W p , to proctor maximum dry density, P d , and optimum...
Journal Article
Journal: Clay Minerals
Published: 01 December 2017
Clay Minerals (2017) 52 (4): 509–519.
... Atterberg limits and undrained shear strength values obtained with the vane shear tests were given. The liquidity index and water-content ratio correlate very well for defined undrained shear strength values of the clays. Solving the liquidity index equation for the plastic limit, estimated plastic limit...
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<b>Atterberg</b> <b>limits</b> of the clays.         Sample  Liquid <b>limit</b> (%)  <b>Plastic</b> li...
Published: 01 September 2018
Table 3. Atterberg limits of the clays. Sample Liquid limit (%) Plastic limit (%) Plasticity index (%) KK 37 30 7 MY3 57 39 18 KG 75 36 39
Series: Mineralogical Society Series, Mineralogical Society Series
Published: 01 January 2000
DOI: 10.1180/MSS.9.18
EISBN: 9780903056410
... Abstract A programme of 143 simple gas injection experiments was performed on unconfined and initially water-saturated clay pastes at water contents between the plastic and liquid limits. The aim was to investigate the relationships between gas entry pressure, water content and plasticity...
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<b>Atterberg</b> <b>limits</b> and <b>Plasticity</b> Index values of the studied samples.       ...
Published: 31 July 2019
Table 6. Atterberg limits and Plasticity Index values of the studied samples. Sampling site Liquid limit (%) Plastic limit (%) Plasticity Index (%) Classification Loulé 26.164 21.00153 5.16247 Weakly plastic Óbidos 31.628 28.83701 2.79099 Weakly plastic Soure
<b>Atterberg</b> <b>limits</b> plotted against the A-line of the <b>plasticity</b> chart. The da...
Published: 01 June 2016
Fig. 1. Atterberg limits plotted against the A-line of the plasticity chart. The dashed box indicates the halloysite zone defined by Wesley (1973) . Data points for recent measurements from pyroclasic-derived halloysite-rich soils from the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand are superimposed ( Keam, 2008
Prediction of extrusion behaviour on the basis of <b>Atterberg</b> <b>plasticity</b> limi...
Published: 01 March 2005
F ig . 3. Prediction of extrusion behaviour on the basis of Atterberg plasticity limits ( Bain, 1968 ; Dondi et al. , 1998 ). 1: TR2-19; 2: COBA-1; 3: GAN-3; 4: GAS-14; 5: GAS-104; 6: CTV-25; 7: CTV-27; 8: MON-23; 9: MUR-4; 10: GAN-16; 11: GAN-24; 12: CTV-32; 13: PEÑ-5.
Plot of ( a ) <b>Atterberg</b> <b>limits</b> v. depth and ( b ) particle grading v. depth...
Published: 25 June 2019
Fig. 14. Plot of ( a ) Atterberg limits v. depth and ( b ) particle grading v. depth. w 0 , initial water content; w L , liquid limit; w P , plastic limit; w s , shrinkage limit; CL, clay; SI, silt; SA, sand; PSA, particle size analysis (BGS©UKRI).
Journal Article
Published: 01 September 1992
Environmental and Engineering Geoscience (1992) xxix (3): 299–310.
... block sample, carved out of the sidewall of a 30-in. (76-cm) diameter drill hole at a depth of 30 ft (9 m), which contained a well-developed landslide shear surface. The bulk samples were analyzed for Atterberg limits and gradation, and their clay minerals were identified and quantified using x-ray...
Journal Article
Journal: Clay Minerals
Published: 01 March 1999
Clay Minerals (1999) 34 (1): 109–116.
... it possible to subdivide the region under study into distinctive sectors on the basis of geotechnical behaviour. Clay fraction content and composition control geotechnical parameters such as the expandability and the Atterberg plastic and liquid limits. A positive correlation was found between both...
Journal Article
Published: 25 January 2019
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (2019) 52 (3): 336–345.
... density (0.7–1.5 g cm −3 ), Atterberg limits (25–56% plastic limit; 38–79% liquid limit), effective particle size (0.4–12.6 μm) and clay fraction (0.6–19%). Geotechnical measurements included field compressive strength (127–461 kPa), hydraulic conductivity ( c. 10 −7 m s −1 ), shear vane (16–128 kPa...
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Series: SEPM Special Publication, SEPM Special Publication
Published: 01 January 1979
DOI: 10.2110/pec.79.27.0131
EISBN: 9781565761575
..., water content, wet bulk density, porosity, and Atterberg Limits) of 73 sediment cores from 21 transects across the continental slope from Cape Hatteras to Hydrographer Canyon provides insight into the general distribution and variation of these properties within the near-surface deposits...
Journal Article
Journal: Clay Minerals
Published: 01 September 2017
Clay Minerals (2017) 52 (3): 391–412.
... to 35 meq/100 g soil and the dominant clay minerals are illite, smectite and kaolinite. The geotechnical properties of the Ankara Clay samples that were assessed included specific gravity, the Atterberg limits (plastic limit, liquid limit, plasticity index), particle-size distribution, compaction...
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Journal Article
Journal: Clay Minerals
Published: 01 December 2006
Clay Minerals (2006) 41 (4): 827–837.
... significant information about the behaviour of soils. Atterberg limits are water contents at boundaries that show characteristic engineering behaviours. Liquid, plastic and shrinkage limits of the samples are shown in Table 3 , and the relationships with CEC are shown in Figure 4 . T able 3...
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Journal Article
Published: 21 May 2021
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (2021) qjegh2020-134.
... of oil contamination on sandy soil, showed that after a certain period of time, a decrease in adhesion occurs with increasing duration of contamination. Also, by conducting a study on the effect of motor oil on the soil, Ashraf showed that the Atterberg limits (liquid limit (LL) and plastic limit (PL...
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Journal Article
Journal: Clay Minerals
Published: 01 September 1986
Clay Minerals (1986) 21 (3): 293–310.
... and the plasticity as measured by Atterberg limits. Fresh samples from the Fuller's Earth Bed have a higher plasticity than those of the fuller's earth clay with similar calcite percentages, due to the relative increases in the expanding lattice clay mineral. Weathering of the fuller's earth clay typically reduces...
Journal Article
Published: 05 November 2018
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (2019) 52 (2): 220–229.
... not specify that the tests should be confined to remoulded samples (as for the other Atterberg limits: liquid and plastic limits), the intention is implicit. However, there is no technical reason why undisturbed samples cannot be used in the shrinkage limit test and undisturbed samples, in addition...
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