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Short- and long-term perspectives on the evolution of a Lake Michigan foredune

Deanna Van Dijk
Short- and long-term perspectives on the evolution of a Lake Michigan foredune (in Coastline and dune evolution along the Great Lakes, Timothy G. Fisher (editor) and Edward C. Hansen (editor))
Special Paper - Geological Society of America (July 2014) 508: 195-216


The evolution of Great Lakes coastal dunes includes long-term trends and short-term variations. This study explores multi-year, interannual and seasonal patterns of change as a Lake Michigan foredune responds to variations in lake level, weather and surface conditions. The study site is an active foredune in P.J. Hoffmaster State Park on the east coast of Lake Michigan. Foredune changes, local conditions and processes were monitored from 2000 to 2012 with repeated ground surveys, erosion pins, microclimate measurements, and observations of surface conditions. Additional weather and lake-level data were obtained from regional sources. Study results show a trend of foredune growth during the multiyear study period, with interannual and seasonal variations in the rates and spatial patterns of dune growth. At the scales of investigation, relationships between dune change and variables could not be quantified, but patterns of foredune change and influential variables were identified. The greatest amounts of erosion and deposition took place during the autumn and winter when strong winds were the most frequent, but storm conditions, vegetation changes, precipitation, snow, and ground freezing affect the availability of sand for transport by wind. Study results suggest that event-scale research is needed for understanding interactions between variables and the foredune, but mesoscale studies such as this one are crucial for identifying cumulative patterns of dune change and the role that events play in the larger scale patterns of dune evolution.

ISSN: 0072-1077
EISSN: 2331-219X
Serial Title: Special Paper - Geological Society of America
Serial Volume: 508
Title: Short- and long-term perspectives on the evolution of a Lake Michigan foredune
Title: Coastline and dune evolution along the Great Lakes
Author(s): Van Dijk, Deanna
Author(s): Fisher, Timothy G.editor
Author(s): Hansen, Edward C.editor
Affiliation: Calvin College, Department of Geology, Geography and Environmental Studies, Grand Rapids, MI, United States
Affiliation: University of Toledo, Department of Environmental Sciences, Toledo, OH, United States
Pages: 195-216
Published: 201407
Text Language: English
Publisher: Geological Society of America (GSA), Boulder, CO, United States
ISBN: 978-0-8137-2508-6
References: 81
Accession Number: 2014-081336
Categories: Geomorphology
Document Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Illustration Description: illus. incl. 9 tables, sketch map
N42°45'00" - N43°30'00", W86°25'00" - W85°55'00"
Secondary Affiliation: Hope College, USA, United States
Country of Publication: United States
Secondary Affiliation: GeoRef, Copyright 2017, American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data supplied by the Geological Society of America, Boulder, CO, United States
Update Code: 201442
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