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Ostracode endemism in Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho

Jordon Bright
Ostracode endemism in Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho (in Paleoenvironments of Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho, and its catchment, Joseph G. Rosenbaum (editor) and Darrell S. Kaufman (editor))
Special Paper - Geological Society of America (2009) 450: 197-216


Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho, is one of only a few lakes worldwide with endemic ostracode species. In most lakes, ostracode species distributions vary systematically with depth, but in Bear Lake, there is a distinct boundary in the abundances of cosmopolitan and endemic valves in surface sediments at approximately 7 m water depth. This boundary seems to coincide with the depth distribution of endemic fish, indicating a biological rather than environmental control on ostracode species distributions. The cosmopolitan versus endemic ostracode species distribution persisted through time in Bear Lake and in a neighboring wetland. The endemic ostracode fauna in Bear Lake implies a complex ecosystem that evolved in a hydrologically stable, but not invariant, environmental setting that was long lived. Long-lived (geologic time scale) hydrologic stability implies the lake persisted for hundreds of thousands of years despite climate variability that likely involved times when effective moisture and lake levels were lower than today. The hydrologic budget of the lake is dominated by snowpack meltwater, as it likely was during past climates. The fractured and karstic bedrock in the Bear Lake catchment sustains local stream flow through the dry summer and sustains stream and ground-water flow to the lake during dry years, buffering the lake hydrology from climate variability and providing a stable environment for the evolution of endemic species.

ISSN: 0072-1077
EISSN: 2331-219X
Serial Title: Special Paper - Geological Society of America
Serial Volume: 450
Title: Ostracode endemism in Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho
Title: Paleoenvironments of Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho, and its catchment
Author(s): Bright, Jordon
Author(s): Rosenbaum, Joseph G.editor
Author(s): Kaufman, Darrell S.editor
Affiliation: Northern Arizona University, Department of Geology, Flagstaff, AZ, United States
Affiliation: U. S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO, United States
Pages: 197-216
Published: 2009
Text Language: English
Publisher: Geological Society of America (GSA), Boulder, CO, United States
References: 101
Accession Number: 2010-045048
Categories: Environmental geology
Document Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Illustration Description: illus. incl. 3 tables, sketch map
N41°49'60" - N42°07'60", W111°25'00" - W111°15'00"
Secondary Affiliation: Northern Arizona University, USA, United States
Country of Publication: United States
Secondary Affiliation: GeoRef, Copyright 2017, American Geosciences Institute.
Update Code: 201025
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