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A solution model for high-temperature PbS-AgSbS (sub 2) -AgBiS (sub 2) galena

Nathan I. Chutas, Victor C. Kress, Mark S. Ghiorso and Richard O. Sack
A solution model for high-temperature PbS-AgSbS (sub 2) -AgBiS (sub 2) galena
American Mineralogist (October 2008) 93 (10): 1630-1640


Significant quantities of silver can be accommodated in galena as a coupled substitution with Ag+Sb and/or Ag+Bi for 2 Pb atoms. The limitations of this solubility are quantified experimentally for the cubic (Fm3m) alpha -galena phase. Above 441.7 degrees C, the alpha -galena phase has complete solid solution across the Pb (sub 2) S (sub 2) -AgSbS (sub 2) -AgBiS (sub 2) (galena-miargyrite-matildite) ternary. Dry sinter experiments at 400, 375, and 350 degrees C extend the known miscibility gap on the Pb (sub 2) S (sub 2) -AgSbS (sub 2) binary into ternary compositions. Phase equilibrium and miscibility gap data and self-consistent thermodynamic data for other high-temperature phases in this system combined with data for other sulfides and sulfosalts are used to constrain an asymmetric regular solution model for the alpha -galena phase (Pb (sub 2) ,AgSb,AgBi) S (sub 2) . Phase relations in this system suggest that simple retrograde re-equilibration during cooling can produce phase assemblages and textures commonly observed in Ag-bearing ore deposits. Bulk metal ratios of deposits in conjunction with the application of this thermodynamic model may be used to understand district Ag-distribution or as an exploration tool.

ISSN: 0003-004X
EISSN: 1945-3027
Serial Title: American Mineralogist
Serial Volume: 93
Serial Issue: 10
Title: A solution model for high-temperature PbS-AgSbS (sub 2) -AgBiS (sub 2) galena
Affiliation: University of Washington, Department of Earth and Space Sciences1, Seattle, WA, United States
Affiliation: University of Toronto, Department of Geology, Toronto, ON, Canada
Pages: 1630-1640
Published: 200810
Text Language: English
Publisher: Mineralogical Society of America, Washington, DC, United States
References: 71
Accession Number: 2009-001477
Categories: Mineralogy of non-silicates
Document Type: Serial
Bibliographic Level: Analytic
Illustration Description: illus. incl. 5 tables
N25°45'00" - N32°00'00", W108°00'00" - W103°00'00"
Secondary Affiliation: CNRS-IPGP, FRA, FranceOFM Research, USA, United States
Country of Publication: United States
Secondary Affiliation: GeoRef, Copyright 2017, American Geosciences Institute. Abstract, copyright, Mineralogical Society of America. Reference includes data from GeoScienceWorld, Alexandria, VA, United States
Update Code: 200901
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